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MAG Touring - Adventures

A selection of your Adventures - Tours - Trips - The Odd Interview - Sharing Experiences - all taken from the MAG members magazine “The Road”.

We have tried to strike a balance across the continents on this page, one can only take so much sand regarding desert adventures.

Visit “The Road” website and MAG’s previous members magazine Streetbiker for more stories, including trips that feature lots of sand.

“The Road” is always looking for feature articles. If you have a story to tell about your adventures, however near or far you have travelled, contact Ian Mutch at “The Road”.

Website: Here

Email: Here

Nick Sanders Interviewed - Madman or Lunatic?

Ian Mutch asks the questions of a man who has ridden an R1 around the world in 19 days.

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Moroccan Adventure - Ian Mutch

By late afternoon I cruised into the outskirts of Marrakesh and headed for Essaouira, the fabled coastal town that the Brigadier had raved about, a place with good karma in spadefulls sufficient to attract Cat Stevens, who has a base there.

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Dave's Europe - European touring

Dave French, who remains obstinately Irish, provides a thumbnail sketch of European touring from a biker's perspective.

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Taz and His Goldwing Head East

In December 2005, Steve (Taz) Taslin, a member of Capital region of the Goldwing Owners Club, G.B. undertook a journey to Bangladesh. In doing so he hoped to raise money for the GWOCGB national charity, the NABD and capital region's own local charity.

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The Road to Bangladesh - Taz Makes It

Continued from last issue where we left Taz about to fly to Kabul having shipped his bike on the roof of a coach through the impassable parts of Afghanistan.

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Nordkapp - To Hell and Beyond

Last summer my wife Nadia and I completed the most remarkable motorcycle journey we've yet made; just over 4,000 miles in 2 weeks on my 15 year old Harley Davidson FXRS to the most northerly point in Europe and back.

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Sassenach Welcome - Harleys touring in Scotland

For several years now I have wanted to tour the West Coast of Scotland so when my cousin Gordon decided to buy his first Harley, a much modified Heritage Softail Custom, from another cousin of mine I suggested we do the trip together and he jumped at the chance.

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Goa on an Enfield - Zak Fordham gets the bullet in India

The grey bearded biker motored down the main street in Calangute at a nonchalant pace, his beard unruffled by the breeze - there was none. A dog ambled across the road in front of the custom Enfield paying no attention to the approaching machine; it's only purpose to seek shade from the oppressive heat.

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Czez Goes East - Prague by BMW

Last year I went to the BMW Motorrad Bikermeet at Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria for a long weekend and rode my 1150GS eight hundred and fifty-odd miles home in a day.

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South Goes South - Two months in NZ

David and I began saving for a two month trip to New Zealand, over the millennium. Our very friendly doctor from New Zealand, helped with ideas for routes and places not to miss, and we managed to hit our budget and get on our way.

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